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  • Yes, we ship our loose leaf teas and teaware throughout the US. We are currently working on adding international shipping!

    Teatopia Ships!

  • Orders can take anywhere from 2 to 4 business days to ship.

    Shipping Times

  • Teatopia is not responsible for items lost or damaged by carrier services during shipping.

    Damaged Items

  • The answer is complicated. Some teas are aged beyond 20 years, but that requires special attention to temperature, light and humidity. The practical answer for most tea is that as long as your tea is stored in a dark, airtight container, it will maintain its flavor and freshness for up to 5 years. The flavor in some herbal and flavored teas will fade after about 2 years.

    Tea Freshness & Flavor

  • The short answer is yes. The longer, more thorough answer is that we always have and always will source our teas and ingredients from artisan farms committed to organic and sustainable practices. However, many of the small, family-run farms we work with simply cannot afford the costly process required to qualify for official organic certifications.

    Organic Teas

  • Yes, reach out to us any time. We love to answer questions and talk about tea! You can all 314.553.9402 or email us at

    Let's Talk Tea!

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